P0 Mouse Skull Landmarks

          A series of P0 mouse skull landmarks commonly used in the Richtsmeier laboratory is listed below, with their definitions. Left-click on the number, and a dot indicating the location of that landmark will appear on the image on the left of your screen. Landmarks may be visualized in more than one plane, and thus may appear in more than one of the images. You may select multiple landmarks to appear. Click the number a second time to remove the landmark. Click on the Show All button to have all landmarks in the list appear. Click on the Reset button to remove the dots from the image. Several views of the skull of a P0 mouse are displayed. Top left: superior view; top right: superior endocranial view; bottom left: lateral view (left); bottom right: inferior view.

If you got Java error message "Application Blocked by Security Settings", please add http://getahead.psu.edu to the Exception Site list. Please refer to the WORKAROUND section in this help page.